?Lockup/Shutdown Studio
Published on February 4, 2005 By CDAV In Stardock Software
Well, I thought I had a cool Picture for a logon. Opened LogonStudio up. click new, create and go thru the simple motions.
Have everything set, my picture, simple shading or top and bottom panels and moved login bar top left, for effect.
All thru, looks grt, click save, shouldn"t have done THAT! I"m shocked at what happened,
If you don"t know what this is or seen, experinced,etc, this. You now have one totally misconfigured computer, as I do. And will probably need a complete System Restore. Thats not the half of it, just the thought ticks me off.
Oh, I know It:s a free Program, use at own risk, and it:s all my fault, I don"t think so. Looking at about two weeks to
hopefully to redo the Tiger, gonna be major.
Thats my two cents,

on Feb 05, 2005
YOu can always do one of the following. Either Boot into safe mode and LogonStudio should not start up. Then you can delete the faulty logon in your LogonStudio folder and set LogoStudio to the default folder.

Alternatively. Boot into the command promt and use the deltree command to delete the folder with the faulty logon in it. Then reboot and set logonStudio to use a 'good' logon. (e.g. deltree c:\Program Files\Stardock\LogonStudio\NameOfFaultyLogon)

Really there is no need to do a complete system restore. I hope it works for you and you will be able to save some time.

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on Feb 05, 2005
I don't understand how saving a skin totally misconfigured your computer.
on Feb 06, 2005
Thank You, aufisch, as I will try that and see what happens. I built the puter in question, so a system restore will take real time. This is a backup computer with Logon Studio on it to. I won"t be making any though! In fact ran the same thing I did on a friends computer. they also have Logon Studio, made a fine one. NP.

Tks, Wizop Koasati for your comment. I am thinking that there was a corrupted file in my Logon Studio Program. For some reason the error code I displayed in orginal post, didn"t appear? Code shown was, Error, Parsar line 167, that"s what showed. Not the Logon I made. When I hit save, the error hit.
Doesn"t help me any either.

All comments were appreciated,
on Feb 06, 2005
I see the error code made it. That code really toreup my computer. It won"t find any hardware devices, internet connections, networking connections, modems{I use two}, totally confused security programs, unregistered them. Don"t forget what happens when you get to the logon screen, errors, click and keep on clicking. Anyway the list go on much more.As a programing friend said, he hasn"t seen that happen since there"s did the same thing. Reminds me of the first time I skinned the bootup screen with this program they have here, a system restore that time was the only fix. I don"t use that either. I presume it"s fixed now. Not to offend any programs or sites, probably just my bad luck. haha!
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