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Published on May 1, 2005 By CDAV In Internet
Well, Microsoft is trying out a new spyware program. Seem's that alot of Spy's are out there so there is a big rush for protection. At least something that works and is somewhat good at spying on the spys. Anyway it's a beta version in trail now, so if you have it, what do ya think?
I am useing it along with other spyware programs, and am thinking I like it. Runs on the side, always active and on ready. Just wondering what other user's think and responses to the program are something I am instrested in, what about you?

on May 01, 2005
It isn't all that new...
on May 01, 2005
It has been out for awhile CDAV, but to actually answer your questions, I like the program, it seems to be light weight, it completes it's tasks in record time, I think it is one of the fastest scanners I have used to date, and it seems pretty thorough. I have checked it against other spyware progz and have yet to catch MS's program missing anything.

I still do not rely on it alone, always better to be safe than sorry, LoL..but I would almost bet that you could rely on it and be just fine.

There ya go,
on May 01, 2005
...what Zero said
on May 01, 2005
It works really nice for me in conjunction with others like AdAware and SpyBot and even the Yahoo Toolbar Antispy works nice
on May 02, 2005
I have put it on a couple of users machines at my office as well as on all of my personal PC's. I am satisfied with it so far. I have never really had problems with spyware personally, but we have a few users here that are riddled with on a regular basis. We have always used Adaware (free version) with only one major drawback. It doesn't actively scan. Since it doesn'tactively scan you are infected by the time you run the scan. The active filter from the "MS" product has been a godsend for these machines. I haven't had to deal with spyware issues since it was installed. I just hope Microsoft doesn't change it's mind and start charging for it. After all, we get spyware because of holes in their software.